5 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Passengers this Fall

A quick search on Google Trends shows that interest in the concept of surprise and delight is growing over time. This isn’t surprising considering that the concept of customer service is also a hot topic, and surprising and delighting your customers can be a key component for keeping them…

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Customer Satisfaction from the Inside Out


Customer satisfaction is more than a buzzword in the aviation and transit worlds. It is a critical element to increasing passengers and ridership. While promotions and rewards programs have their place and are an essential piece of the puzzle, there is another element that is easy to overlook: employee…

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The Quotient Group Expands and Rebrands

The Quotient Group (TQG) is excited to announce an expansion into yet another industry. Coming on the heels of the addition of a transit division earlier this year, TQG is taking a giant step into Spaceport Marketing and Space Tourism.

Boldly going where no marketing agency has gone…

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The Quotient Group Announces Expansion into Transit Industry

Nikki Nice PortraitThe Quotient Group, a full-service aviation marketing agency established in 2013, is expanding into the transit industry with the addition of a transit division.

Recognizing the synergies between the aviation and transit industries, The Quotient Group is now bringing its…

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How to Use Facebook Live at Your Airport

Live streaming is the latest in a series of social media trends, and businesses around the world are exploring ways to capitalize on it for marketing purposes. Here at The Quotient Group, we work to stay ahead of the curve on trends just like this one so we can…

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