Top Tools for Airport Marketers

For airport marketers, there is much to be done and, often, little time in which to do it. We get it! That’s why one of our favorite things to blog about is great tools that can help you get more done in less time. Here’s the latest installment of…

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Creative Airport Holiday Programs

The holidays are in full swing now and we wanted to highlight some creative holiday celebration and decoration ideas some of our airport friends have pulled together this year. Take a look, be inspired and share your own creative ideas in the comments section below!

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Intro to Aviation Acronyms

If you’ve worked in aviation for more than ten minutes, you know the industry is jam-packed with acronyms, everything from the fairly basic (such as FAA – Federal Aviation Administration) to the more complex (like WHMP – Wildlife Hazard Management Plan). Below is a collection of some of the…

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Nine Important Habits for Airport Marketers

Everyone knows that airport marketing involves planning events, communicating with media, and placing ads, but beneath those everyday tasks lie the habits that drive priorities and decision-making.

Kim Sippola, President of The Quotient Group, developed a few habits during her 13+ years as an in-house airport…

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