What on Earth is Ephemeral Content?

Ephemeral content is content that lasts only a short time before it disappears. Snapchat started it back in 2011 and now Instagram and Facebook are jumping on board with their “stories” sections. At this point, Facebook stories are only for personal pages so this post is focused on Snapchat and Instagram.

Why is it something you’ll want to consider? Millennials and Gen Z. Generations who should definitely be some of your targeted audiences in your marketing plans.

Millennials don’t trust traditional marketing. They want authenticity and that is what Snapchat and Instagram stories can provide. This type of content that is all about raw clips and images that build excitement. When you do this part right, you build a following around your brand that will keep them engaged.

This type of content isn’t like traditional marketing that is produced once and recycled over and over again. It has to be unique and seemingly “in the moment”. You don’t need fancy equipment to have great content – all you need is your cell phone. But you do need to plan ahead and consider your target audience when you develop your content so that it resonates with the people who are consuming it and gets them to take action.

A few ideas for how you can incorporate ephemeral content into your social media strategy: New service announcements and ribbon cutting events, unique behind-the-scenes photos and videos, open house events, tours, Q&A sessions and special promotion announcements.

Plan ahead and think about how you can include ephemeral content into your editorial calendar so that you’re consistently creating engaging content that builds support for your brand.

Not sure where to start, looking for more ideas or want help developing an editorial calendar? We’d love to help. Contact us!

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