Five Inspiring Tips for #MarketingMonday

We wanted to tweet out a few tips for #MarketingMonday, but also wanted to give you a bit more “meat” here on our blog. To that end, here are some of our favorite marketing tips to get your brain into marketing mode.

  1. Use storytelling to connect with your audience on an emotional level. When you think about your favorite ad campaigns or tag lines, chances are they’re in your favorites list because they made you feel something, and that often is a result of effective storytelling. Check out this article on the seven basic types of stories from AdWeek to inspire your creative side.
  2. Before creating your next campaign or individual advertisement, start by thinking about how you want the viewer to feel at the end. Do you want them to be inspired? Challenged? Introspective? Once you know the end result you want, work your way back to determine the elements you’ll need to incorporate to achieve that end.
  3. Keep it simple. Whether you’re building a website, planning an event, creating a Facebook promotion or designing a billboard, keep your message to the point, make sure your brand is evident, and include a clear call to action. Between these three elements, you’re on your way to a great result.
  4. Set goals before you begin. If you don’t know what you expect to achieve, how will you know if it was successful? Set down on paper your goals for that partnership you just struck with a local non-profit or the radio ads you are about to start running. Make sure they’re SMART goals, too — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. When you reach your goals, make new ones and keep the momentum going!
  5. Fight marketer’s block (kind of like writer’s block) by finding new resources. Read a book (or a blog post) about marketing, watch a documentary (or a few ads), meet with a consultant (we’re here for you!) to get fresh ideas, or take a look at what marketers in similar industries are doing (like cruise lines, rail transport or malls). Often all it takes is 30 minutes of fresh ideas or perspectives to jumpstart your creativity.


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