More Great Free Resources for Graphic Designers

Back in March, we brought you the first installment of Great Free Resources for Graphic Designers, which included some nice resources for all you in-house designers out there. Today, we’re back with part two!

Design Tutorials

  • For help with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or other programs, we go straight to the source with Here, you can search to your heart’s content for everything from how to crop an image using a clipping mask in Illustrator to creating type effects in Photoshop. 
  • Photoshop enthusiasts will get a lot out of this 30-minute intensive tutorial on creating a cinematic-looking photo. It moves at a pretty fast clip, but the tips and tricks are worth studying and trying on a photo of your own.
  • Vector Diary has tons of great, specific walk-throughs for creating different types of vector graphics. Wine barrels, glasses, page-peel effects — you name it, they’ve probably got it. Most of the illustrations have a cartoon-ish feel to them, but the skills you’ll pick up just from going through a few tutorials will serve you well in other illustration scenarios.

Color Resources

  • invites users to upload a photo and, with the click of a button, provides a list of colors to use in your design. You can even download an Adobe swatch file. I love this tool not only for working with a specific photo, but for taking a single image as inspiration and stealing the color scheme. 
  • While Color-Hex isn’t the most attractive site you’ll ever lay eyes on, it does serve an interesting function. Plug in any hexadecimal color code and receive all sorts of useful information in return, including RGB and CMYK conversions, triadic and complementary colors, and a preview on both light and dark backgrounds.
  • ColourLovers provides user-generator color palettes, some of which are quite attractive. Bring your best judgment to this site, though, since not all palettes are advisable for corporate use!


  • If you have a good relationship with your local print vendor, consider requesting paper swatch books before you embark on your next print project. Sometimes all you need for your printed piece to stand out is a unique paper color, texture or weight that will catch someone’s eye. And sometimes just having a unique paper in your hands is enough to spark a new idea. You’ll pay more for fun paper, of course, but in a world where white, smooth, 20 lb. copy paper reigns, you just might make more headway with something different.

At The Quotient Group, high-quality graphic design is a key part of how we help our clients achieve their marketing goals, so if you find yourself short on time, rusty on design skills, or simply in need of a creative boost in the arm, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you with your project!


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