Intro to Aviation Acronyms

If you’ve worked in aviation for more than ten minutes, you know the industry is jam-packed with acronyms, everything from the fairly basic (such as FAA – Federal Aviation Administration) to the more complex (like WHMP – Wildlife Hazard Management Plan). Below is a collection of some of the most common acronyms you’ll run across in aviation and airport marketing. TNTGO (Try Not To Get Overwhelmed)!

And then there are the major U.S. airline IATA codes:

  • AA – American Airlines (subsidiary of American Airlines Group)
  • AS – Alaska Airlines
  • B6 – JetBlue Airways
  • DL – Delta Air Lines
  • F9 – Frontier Airlines
  • G4 – Allegiant Air
  • HA – Hawaiian Airlines
  • NK – Spirit Airlines
  • UA – United Airlines
  • VX – Virgin America
  • WN – Southwest Airlines
  • And there are plenty more

For a much larger (and searchable) list of aviation acronyms, visit the FAA’s Acronyms and Abbreviations page or this list on Wikipedia.

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