How to Use Facebook Live at Your Airport

Live streaming is the latest in a series of social media trends, and businesses around the world are exploring ways to capitalize on it for marketing purposes. Here at The Quotient Group, we work to stay ahead of the curve on trends just like this one so we can help you market your airport more effectively.

We’ve done some research (in fact, the very first #Kimspiration live stream on Facebook was an inquiry into how Facebook Live works — watch it here), and have outlined a few tips to keep in mind when you jump into your first (or next!) Facebook Live stream.


1. Keep it Real

What makes people tune in to live video streams, live broadcasts, or even live productions of well-known Broadway plays on TV? Some might say it’s because they are waiting for something crazy and unexpected to happen, some like the unrehearsed feel of live programming, and some just want to up-to-the-minute information.

Tip: Know what you’re going to say, be prepared for things to not go as planned, but don’t over-rehearse! Your viewers are there to watch the authentic nature of something happening in real-time.


2. Test it Out on Your Personal Page

If the thought of screwing up your first live stream on your airport page gives you night sweats, test it out on your personal Facebook page first. Whether you’re at a sporting event, taking a walk in the park, or waiting for your latte at your local coffee shop, hit the “Go Live” button and give it a try! You will, of course, be broadcasting live, but you can always delete the video later if you so choose.


3. Don’t Be Afraid of Trial and Error

If you’re new to Facebook Live, don’t be afraid to test it out in different settings — live stream your next announcement or ribbon-cutting, holiday performers in your terminal, or other interesting event. You might also try something more unique — perhaps a live stream with your operations team as they cruise down the runway checking for FOD. Try streaming on different days of the week, at different times, and compare using teasers versus spontaneous live broadcasts.


4. Have Fun with It

Do you know why cat videos are so popular? Or the reason America’s Funniest Home Videos has been running for 26 seasons? It because people like to be entertained, made to feel good, made to laugh. Your videos don’t have to be comedic gold, but they should be interesting enough that your viewers want to keep watching. Pick an interesting topic, and you’ve already won half the battle.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Tease

Live streams are a little tricky because you need to keep the viewers who start watching the stream early on, but you don’t want people joining a minute or two into your broadcast to feel like they already missed something important. Start your video with some teasers — what your main topic is for the video, a couple interesting things you’re going to share with them, and then keep them on the hook just long enough to get your number of viewers up a little higher. Then, as you continue to tell your story, make sure you re-set the scene a couple of time for new viewers.


6. Call The Quotient Group!

There’s a whole world of possibilities for your live streaming content, from sneak peeks into what’s happening at the airport, to sharing great moments in customer service. So get creative, grab your phone and get out there and start streaming! If you need some ideas on where to start, more tips or tricks, or just a brainstorm session to boost your confidence, give us a call. We love helping airports find fun, creative ways to connect with their online audiences!

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