Market Research

What if we told you the right research could be the first step in filling those empty seats?

To market to your audience effectively, you have to understand them. The first step is listening to what your passengers and community have to say about your airport or transit system.

We don’t mean those anecdotes you’re forced to hear at every event you attend (we know — if you hear one more story about someone’s luggage getting lost or empty buses, you’re going to lose it), we mean statistically-significant data that tells you how your audience perceives your airport, because their perception is your reality.

This is why market research is so critical.

Community Perception Studies

The hottest question in marketing is, “What’s the return on investment?” To answer this question, you need baseline data that depicts your audience’s perception of your airport or transit system. Then, after 12 or 18 months of marketing, you can compare your data to see if you’ve moved the needle. Very scientific. Very concrete.

The next time you make an important budgetary or marketing decision, you won’t be throwing darts with a blindfold on. Relying on the data from your perception study, you’ll make an informed decision, support that choice with the facts and make a case for the work you know needs to be done.

Gain Confidence

When you order a community perception study, what you really get is confidence that your decisions are rooted in solid information. No more wondering which direction to go, where to spend dollars, or whether your efforts are making a difference. You’ll have data to support every choice.

Ask the Right Questions

We’ll identify the answers you need to develop effective marketing — answers to questions like,

»What are the primary reasons travelers in our catchment area are choosing to fly from a competing airport rather than flying local?
» What kind of messaging would really have an impact on people who consider using our airport or bus system, but aren’t loyal to it?
» What are the primary reasons people aren’t likely to use our bus system?
» “When people think of public transportation services in the community, what comes to mind?

We design a questionnaire that gets to the heart of the issues and deliver it using a method that will reach the right people in the right places.

Find the Story

We believe data is only as useful as the story it tells, so our work isn’t just about pretty tables and charts (though we have those too), it’s about actionable information — data you can DO something with in a meaningful way.

We analyze the information collected in the study and develop a comprehensive report that pulls back the curtain on your target audience and gives you concrete next steps for your marketing.

Know the ROI

With your study results in hand, you’ll have baseline data. This is where the rubber hits the road: in the future, you’ll be able to see whether your marketing efforts over time produced the intended effect. A follow up study can show where you’ve made an impact, giving you a solid measurement of the return on investment for your marketing.

Customer Feedback Systems

Airports and transit systems have a great opportunity to gather feedback directly from passengers, whether through comment cards, online questionnaires or other methods. Our team is experienced in designing and putting customer feedback systems into action. These tools not only help you gather the right information, but also help you connect directly with your passengers.

Advantages include:

» Unfiltered comments from passengers in the terminal or on the bus
» Broad, quantitative data collection over time
» Qualitative anecdotes that help you understand your passengers’ experience
» The opportunity to address your passengers’ questions, complaints and comments in real-time

But gathering the feedback is just the first step. We can implement a system designed to gather the data, analyze it and present actionable recommendations for customer service and marketing opportunities, all in the name of enhancing your customers’ experience and improving your airport or transit system’s image.

Survey Design

The Quotient Group can design, administer, analyze and present the findings for nearly any kind of study you can imagine. Not only that, but we’ll bring recommendations for the fastest, least expensive and most direct way to get answers to your most pressing business questions. Let TQG design your next survey and we’ll help you gather:

» Feedback from the business community about future air travel or public transportation demand
» Insight from your passengers into their travel experience
» Input from your tenants on hot topics
» Perceptions from your employees on HR programs
» Or let us design a custom study for you