Marketing Plans

So you’re doing all the right things with your marketing…I know we need a marketing plan -- right now, our marketing is like herding cats

You’ve got ad buys all over town, you’re participating in community events, you just ordered some killer promotional items, and your social media engagement is better than ever. But do you ever find yourself wondering if you’ve spent your limited budget in the best possible way?

Feel like your title should include “Chaos Manager”?

If so, you might be missing the one piece that would tie it all together and take a good chunk of chaos out of your marketing efforts: an honest-to-goodness marketing plan. But we’ve got something even better. It’s called a Communication Blueprint.

Marketing Plan (AKA Communication Blueprint)

We believe one of the best ways to ensure efficiency in your marketing (and to save resources like time and money) is to start with an annual plan. One of our favorite tools is something we call a Communication Blueprint.

Like an architectural blueprint, this document serves as a guide to achieving desired outcomes. It covers everything you’ll need for a year or more of marketing efforts — who you should be marketing to, what you should be saying to them, what channels you should use, and how to measure your effectiveness. It’s especially helpful for anyone who is new to marketing (or to aviation or transit marketing), and it’s a great resource for experienced marketers too and serves as a master checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Plus, the Communication Blueprint comes with some great tools you won’t find anywhere else, that walk you through how and where to communicate about everything that happens at your airport.

With this Blueprint, it’s easy to make marketing decisions throughout the year. If you’re just not sure what to do with your marketing, our Communication Blueprint is where you should begin.

Communication Roadmap

Sometimes you know exactly what you need to achieve — and you even know which audience you need to talk to — but you’re not sure exactly what steps to take, or how to prioritize those steps. Our Communication Roadmap is just what it sounds like: a map that shows you how to get from here to there, with clearly defined steps (think turn-by-turn instructions) and a well-defined order of operations to make sure you’re doing the most important things first.