What services does your agency offer?

From air service announcements to new websites or advertising campaigns, we have the industry expertise to be your partner when it counts most. Check out a full list of services and work examples!

What is the advantage of using The Quotient Group over a local company?

While we may not be located in your backyard, we are rooted in your industry. With 100+ years of aviation industry experience, aviation marketing isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are. Working with us means you skip having to teach a traditional marketing agency about the industry.

What sets your marketing strategies apart from others?

Our strategies are built on a deep understanding of the aviation industry, combining creativity with data-driven insights. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of passenger preferences and travel trends, we craft campaigns highlighting the airport’s flights and services.

How do you feel about working in conjunction with the airport’s local marketing agency?

We do it all the time! Collaborating in the best interest of the airport is one of our favorite things.

How do you determine what size marketing budget I should have?

The size of your marketing budget depends on your goals, target audiences, industry benchmarks, and the specific channels you plan to use. We’d love to learn more about your objectives and constraints to tailor a budget that suits your needs. Contact us to chat through your needs and we’ll help craft a budget that aligns with your aspirations.

What is the best budget balance for my marketing dollars?

Airport marketing budgets are complex, relying on your airport, airlines, objectives, and target audiences. What works for others may not be your magic formula, so let’s tailor it to your success.

Do you have a sample marketing RFP you can share?

Absolutely! Contact us and we’ll share one with you right away.

Can you attend on-site meetings?

We are more than happy to travel to you as the need arises. While the vast majority of our work is done remotely, we have traveled to host terminal ribbon-cutting events, community focus groups, board presentations, air service launches, and more.

How do you tailor marketing solutions for aviation companies of different sizes?

Our team customizes solutions based on the size, goals, and budget of each client. Whether you’re a non-hub or larger airport, we have scalable solutions to meet your needs.

Can you provide examples of successful campaigns you've executed?

Explore our services and client showcases for more insight into past campaigns. We’ve successfully increased brand awareness, launched new airlines and routes, increased load factors, and delivered measurable results for a variety of projects and airports.

What do you need from us to start a marketing campaign?

To kickstart a successful partnership, we’ll need details about your airport, target audience, air service, leakage data or catchment studies, and any specific goals you want to achieve. Our onboarding process is streamlined to gather the necessary information efficiently.

How do you measure the success of marketing campaigns?

We employ a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your campaign objectives. Metrics such as CTR, CPM, website traffic, social media engagement, and load factors are meticulously tracked to assess the campaign’s success.

What is the typical timeframe for seeing results from your marketing efforts?

While some results can be immediate, others may take months. The timeframe varies based on the complexity of the campaign and the goals set. We propose campaigns and budgets that focus on delivering results tailored to your specific needs.

Do you offer consultations or assessments before creating a marketing strategy?

Absolutely! Our free consultation helps us understand your business goals and challenges and helps you determine if we’re a good fit for your team. We then conduct a thorough assessment to provide informed recommendations for a tailored marketing strategy. Where we go from there is up to you!

How do you manage confidentiality and security of our sensitive information?

In aviation especially, client confidentiality is a top priority. Our team adheres to strict confidentiality agreements, ensuring the utmost privacy and trust.

What types of aviation businesses do you work with?

We work with commercial and general aviation airports, as well as with fixed base operators and flight schools. If it involves the use of jet fuel, count us in!

How do you stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in aviation marketing?

We prioritize continuing education and industry research. Our team hosts and attends aviation conferences, engages with industry publications, and actively participates in forums to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry.

What is the Airport Roundtable Series?

The Airport Roundtable Series is aviation’s must-attend small conference for airport air service development and marketing professionals. The key element of our roundtables is the intimacy we provide by limiting the group to about 45 participants. Countless great friendships and business relationships have been formed and built up over the years in this fun, unique forum. Check out the next event here.

How is The Quotient Group involved in the Airport Roundtable Series?

The Quotient Group co-founded and co-hosts the Airport Roundtable Series in conjunction with Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting. As an organizing entity, The Quotient Group is responsible for the overall organization and coordination of the conference.

What is the connection between The Quotient Group and Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting?

As two independent aviation businesses, The Quotient Group and Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting collaborate to host the Airport Roundtable Series conferences. APAC brings its specialized knowledge, airline contacts, and experience in aviation consulting to enrich the discussions and provide valuable insights. TQG leads around the room sessions, allowing airports to showcase current happenings and marketing wins while learning from peers.

Do I have to be a client of The Quotient Group and/or Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting to attend the Airport Roundtable Series?

Not at all! Participation in the Airport Roundtable Series is open to all airport industry professionals, stakeholders, and anyone interested in the latest developments in aviation. Get all the information you need about upcoming events at the Airport Roundtable website.

What is Qfactor?

Qfactor is our in-terminal advertising division. With a dedicated team of sales professionals, Qfactor is changing the model for in-terminal advertising management. Find out more!

Do you have a sample in-terminal advertising RFP you can share?

Absolutely! Find a downloadable sample RFP here.