The Quotient Group team is mighty, with individual skillsets that meld together like Biscoff and Ginger Ale. Over 10 years as a full-service aviation marketing agency and 100 years of industry experience means we’re the creative and strategic partner giving you that extra lift.




Meet Kim, founder, president, and creative force behind The Quotient Group. With 24 years of nationally recognized, award-winning airport marketing experience, Kim isn’t just a fearless leader – she’s the aviation industry’s secret weapon. Her resumé is a blockbuster, featuring multi-million-dollar projects, community engagement triumphs, and events that leave a lasting impact.

At TQG, Kim is more than just the captain – she’s the engine driving creativity. An idea generator extraordinaire, she’s the go-to person for crafting ingenious solutions to the trickiest challenges in aviation marketing. From brainstorming sessions to strategy meetings, Kim’s flair for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary sets the tone for success and has garnered her two Allegiant Travel Company “Best Marketing” awards.

Her expertise extends beyond the office walls – she is a highly sought-after speaker, gracing national and international conferences, summits, and numerous panels with her insights on airport marketing and public relations.

Off-duty, Kim tackles the whirlwind schedules of her teenage twin daughters and savors a glass of her favorite wine at the neighborhood speakeasy, which she happens to own. Need a conversation starter? Just ask about her favorite passwords. ? Cross paths with Kim once, and we guarantee you’ll have a favorite “Kim story” to remember for years to come!



Vice President

Meet Tiana, the aviation enthusiast and strategic genius at The Quotient Group. With a love for travel and a passion for the industry (#AvGeek alert!), Tiana brings 17 years of airport experience to the table. Her secret sauce? A blend of aviation know-how, impeccable organization skills, and out-of-the-box thinking.

At TQG, Tiana wears many hats. She seamlessly transitions from brainstorming sessions to board presentations, utilizing her strategic thinking to connect the dots and develop solid plans. Her duties include leveraging her industry knowledge to craft innovative solutions, showcasing her organizational prowess in executing flawless plans, and using her innovative thinking to keep things fresh and exciting.

Tiana has successfully launched low-cost, high-value programs from scratch, including an airport pet therapy program, an in-terminal art gallery featuring local artists, an airport employee appreciation program, and more. Tiana is a marvel of traditional marketing, handling communication plans, customer service programs, website projects, promotions, events, public relations, and any other challenges thrown her way.

When Tiana isn’t at the desk, you’ll catch her playing and cuddling her two adorable little girls or trip planning. With a life motto that you always need airfare booked in your name…Tiana always has a new destination in mind to explore.



VP of Innovation & Growth

Meet Pat, the dynamo of ideas in airport marketing. With 25 years of experience, Pat doesn’t just lead – she innovates, grabbing your attention with new ideas to catapult your airport to new heights. Pat understands the ins and outs of the aviation industry – from growing passenger volumes to orchestrating complete rebrands, website builds, social media shenanigans, advertising acrobatics, promotions, event planning, and creation of award-winning television and radio ads.

Pat isn’t just resilient in the face of the dynamic aviation industry, she thrives on finding opportunities. Building relationships and uncovering win-win solutions are the secret formula to her success, ensuring that every venture takes off smoothly (and with a touch of humor).

With roots in radio and TV creative services, Pat not only knows how to build innovative promotions from the ground up, but has the industry recognition to prove it. Her creativity goes beyond strategy, extending to the finishing touches – finding the perfect swag and taking things up a notch to impact your market and impress your audiences.

She is our in-house aisle seat guru, cruising through the clouds with a strategic view of everyone’s coveted armrests. When she’s not revolutionizing aviation marketing, she’s the animal whisperer and proud cultivator of a green wonderland. Come the weekend, Pat becomes a stained glass sorcerer, magically turning ordinary glass into art that would earn a nod of approval from the great Picasso himself.



Creative Services Manager

Meet Stephanie, the aviation aficionado and marketing dynamo at The Quotient Group. With 16 years marketing experience, 7 of which are aviation-specific, Stephanie is passionate about the industry and its endless space for creativity – especially a good #AirportThrowdown. She is super-engaged and armed with expertise, she’s a whiz at building effective brand recognition, crafting digital strategies, creating memorable messages, and making creative content fly!

Stephanie brings a keen sense of strategy and fun to your marketing efforts, and she takes every opportunity to be punny. Whether diving into graphic design projects, social media management, advertising campaigns, or strategy sessions, Stephanie infuses creativity into every project. Her talents extend to airline partnerships, airport volunteer programs, and overall marketing collateral, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your aviation marketing needs.

In her moments of leisure, catch Stephanie venturing into local coffee havens, savoring craft brews on the patio, and relishing precious time with her sizable furry entourage. As a devoted Seinfeld aficionado, she effortlessly injects references into every interaction. Stephanie is more than a marketing dynamo, she’s the imaginative spark infusing projects with strategy, humor, and a little dog hair for flair.



Content Creation Manager

Meet Laura, The Quotient Group’s social media authority and Jill of all trades. Laura’s enthralling journey with aviation marketing traces back to her college days, where a serendipitous internship under Kim Sippola ignited her passion for the field. This auspicious experience set the stage for Laura’s return to TQG nearly 10 years later, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

In her 5 years with the company, Laura has become a versatile force, serving clients with unparalleled expertise in social media strategy and content, e-newsletters, and all things copywriting. Her contributions also include orchestrating seamless event experiences, including our very own Airport Roundtable Series.

Beyond her role as a marketing dynamo, Laura is a Target-shopping, brownie-baking, spider-hating, baby-wrangler residing in Houston, Texas, with her two adorable little men, Baylor and Prior. Laura’s warmth extends beyond her work – she always has kind words to share and a positive outlook that sees the glass (or coffee mug) half-full. She listens to Christmas music year-round and, although she lives in Texas, feels a bit awkward saying “y’all.” Laura brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and a touch of Texan charm to every project she undertakes.



Executive Assistant

Meet Pla, The Quotient Group’s multitasking genius. With a reputation for juggling multiple projects with the finesse of a seasoned circus performer, Pla has over 20 years professional administration experience, with a whopping 17 of those spent navigating the dynamic world of airports. Her superpower? Keeping everything flowing seamlessly with meticulous attention to detail.

Pla is the logistical wizard behind every account, overseeing contract transitions, managing new contracts, and expertly navigating the intricate realms of billing and reporting. Her ability to foster positive relationships is second to none, turning every interaction into a delightful experience.

Pla is not only a mastermind of efficiency and organization but also the curator of a vibrant office that mirrors her dynamic approach to problem-solving. With a splash of color and a dash of creativity, she transforms challenges into opportunities, proving that work can indeed be both productive and visually stimulating.

Away from the office hustle, Pla’s undercover identity as a nature enthusiast takes center stage. When she’s not expertly managing projects with the precision of a Swiss watch, she’s out in the wild orchestrating her own photoshoots, with the majestic beauty of nature as her backdrop.



Director of Sales

Meet Michele, the powerhouse behind Qfactor. Not only does Michele have over 25 years of experience sculpting clients’ businesses through strategic planning, she also injects the team with her infectious high energy, unwavering work ethic, and boundless creativity. Michele is a true wunderkind at exceeding established targets and overall market expectations. Her focus on the delicate dance between the client, the airport, and Qfactor ensures open communication and a high level of organization, translating into increased airport revenue and advertiser marketing success. With roots deeply embedded in aviation, Michele doesn’t just understand the inner workings of an airport – she’s poised to be an extension of your team.

Michele thrives on the variety of client industries she gets to interact with, reveling in the challenge of assisting clients with their unique industry messages. It’s this very diversity that keeps her on her toes, allowing her to elevate partnerships with the airport and community seamlessly. She’s not just a sales director, she’s a strategic architect, building bridges between clients and opportunities.

Beyond her professional prowess, Michele is a trailblazer and entrepreneur in her community, always seeking ways to share, give back, and learn. When she’s not orchestrating strategic victories, Michele transforms into an outdoor enthusiast – tending to her garden, crafting planters, conquering water and snow skiing, kayaking, or engaging in the adrenaline-pumping sport of dragon racing. And let’s not forget her status as a bit of a foodie, a hobby that harmonizes perfectly with her love for travel.



Director of Sales

Introducing Daphne, our trailblazing Director of Sales at Qfactor, who brings over 17 years of sales and marketing experience to the table. She’s not just leading the charge; she’s igniting a wildfire of strategic growth and client triumphs. With a knack for sales excellence, Daphne consistently hits targets and expands businesses with innovative strategies tailored to her clients’ needs.

Daphne’s secret sauce? She can turn complex marketing concepts into bite-sized, digestible plans faster than you can say “terminal advertising.” Her hands-on approach doesn’t just build client relationships; it crafts them into sturdy, customizable solutions that deliver results.

When the going gets tough, Daphne gets going—straight through market fluctuations and over unexpected hurdles. Her blend of optimism and pragmatism doesn’t just meet goals; it high-fives them on the way past.
Outside the office, Daphne is a dynamic force of nature. Whether she’s conquering hiking trails or serenading you with her guitar, she’s always adding layers to her persona—be it through self-taught Russian or her love of art history. It’s like having a Renaissance woman enriching our team, infusing every moment with adventure, and endless curiosity.


Focused on aviation marketing from takeoff

The Quotient Group was established in 2013 to fill a void in the aviation industry. There were no agencies that focused solely on aviation marketing, so we became the first. We aimed to assist airports in ways they hadn’t been helped before. Since beginning, we have worked with over 70 aviation clients, and that number continues to climb.

Over the years, our company has continued to evolve to meet client needs and includes a robust list of services with something new always on the horizon. We’re proud to serve our clients and help you soar to new marketing heights.

Care Runs Deep

Our team truly cares about the relationships we build, and many clients become lifelong friends. We’re hardworking professionals who also know the value of taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

We support causes related to mental health in honor of a former team member who sadly lost his battle with mental illness. TQG supports the work of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). and SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), as well as several regional organizations. These resources, along with the national suicide and crisis lifeline – 988, can help if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health. Please know that you are not fighting alone.